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Perfect your personal style at Ninis Epiphany


With almost 10 years of experience she is committed to creating the right look for every individual and is careful to ensure that each client leaves feeling satisfied and comfortable.

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Makeup Artistry

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Hair Styling

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Lash Extensions and Brow Microblading

Invest In You


Our full day package where I am where you are for getting ready also helping with the reception.

Diamond Bridal

This is used on the Bridal Wedding Date. Our on site event package where our artists beautify you with both makeup and hair.


For your special occasions and events you attend!

Invest in you. Trust in our team.

Custom Hair & Makeup Stying, Performed On-Call & On-Site for Your Convenience

Bring your look to life: Schedule a session today.

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Serving the Bay Area, California

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Weekly Hours

Monday  : 9-5

Tuesday   : 9-5

Wednesday : 9-5

Thursday  : 9-5

Friday    : 9-5

Saturday  : 9-5

Sunday  : 9-5

Bespoke Hair & Makeup Styling Services for the Bay Area